Void Spaces

I was reading The book of Genesis-Chapter One, how God spoke into emptiness, and all things came to be. He created the light, and told the sun to guide by day, and the moon to guide by night; he spoke into darkness, and separated the waters. He created the dry places and called them lands. He then spoke, and the vegetation filled the soil of the earth, and God saw that it was good”. Even the elements answered to the call of God, and so it is with man. God is calling to the void spaces in our lives, to the emptiness. He’s wanting to fill us with good things, but are we willing to answer? God sees the good in us. He wants to call those gifts that are dead, void, and without form into existence.

If we are children of the living God, we should be hearing his voice, for he has said, “My sheep know my voice.”, but are we listening?. Whatsoever God puts into your heart to do…do it. Whatsoever gift he has given you… use it! If we will regain a sincere passion for mankind, a passion for the work of God, I believe we will began to see the miracles of God….and the blessings too.



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Hey Y’all- 🙂

So it’s been a challenging week, right.  😐 I have managed to lose much of my mental stability in the process of trying to build my own website on bluehost. HAHAHAHA!!!  🙂

Yes! Me……who did not even become computer liter anything until the last seven years. I crack myself up! LOl!! 🙂 I was trying to sound tech savvy on the phone while speaking to one of the domain engineers from bluehost, he just came right out and said,  “you’ve never done this before right.”  🙂 BLahahahahah, how do you know I asked, he responds the language. :/ BLAHAHAHA!!! 🙂

When I tell you I right out burst into laughter on the phone!! He could not help himself, he begin to laugh too, as if to say lady I don’t have time for this! 🙂 Personally speaking…..I think it would be wise for me to fall in love with a computer nerd. Then he can do all my administrative duties. 🙂

I guess I shouldn’t be to hard on myself, I did try, and most people spend thousands of dollars to build a professional website….  🙂 reason why I tried to build my own now that I think about It. :/ But I am doing okay….I think. :/

Anyway that’s how people feel that they have to be with God, they feel that they need to use elaborate, sophisticated words to speak with him. ….well you don’t friend. God just wants to hear your voice. He knows what we need even before we ask. So all we have to do is talk to him. It’s just that simple. Amen 🙂

(c) V. Paschal 2017
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So Yesterday we were downtown at the Georgia World Congress Center assisting with the Atlantacares Event to help people in the Texas and Florida communities affected by Hurricane Harvey receive meals for their families. Well, I would like to share another community that was hit hard. It is well-known for its luxurious vacation location,  beautiful landscapes, and glorious ocean views. If you guessed by now I am talking about the beautiful United States Virgin Islands, your RIGHT!  😦  Oh….and Yes! I did say United States.

The USVI was hit hard, its beautiful landscapes were turned into mounds of devastation. Many of us watched from the comfort of our homes as Harvey ripped through the islands we love to visit St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John,  leaving behind a mass of destruction. And folks….I must tell you the truth, I was only without lights two days and absolutely felt like I was stranded on a deserted island, so I can not imagine actually being stranded without water, food or shelter for possibly weeks.

I do not know if  Fema, Red Cross or any other organization has made contact or even began any shipping to the island, but I do know the people there need your Help,  🙂  in fact because they are uncertain many of them have begun to organize themselves to assist each other. True Brotherhood and love for their home.

I do not live in the USVI, and someone may be asking the question of what do you care?Well……here is my answer,I care because I could have been living in the Virgin Island and that could have been me and my family, I care because they are human lives hanging in the balance right now, many of them children…..

I care because these are also my bother’s and sister’s in need of help, I care because we are our brother’s keeper, I care because caring is what I do, I care because I recently met people from this community who have family and friends who still live there, I care because I have a heart inspired by the love of God……

I care because it’s the right thing to do, I care because caring for me isn’t an option, so now….there you have it, all the reasons why I care and you should too. Amen.  🙂 If you would like to help, Please watch the video below. There are several options on ways to give!

God Bless

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I always begin my prayer time with meditation, and as I begin to approach the throne this morning the Lord just bought some things to my attention. You know there are two types of seed in the land. The seed of Cain and the seed of Abel.

The children of Cain naturally have of this world what belongs to them, it comes easy, because they are of it.  While the seed of Abel has to fight for what belongs to them in this world. These two though they were sons of Adam and Eve are types of what is good and evil.

You see….. God said to Joshua his servant that,”every place that the sole of your feet tread upon, I have given unto you, just as I promised to Moses.” (Joshua 1:3) He was talking to Israel, and what are we if not spiritual Israel? Joshua was preparing for war. He was preparing to fight for the blessings of Canaan! If the natural children had to fight, how much more should we be prepared to battle for what God has given us?

I know eyebrows are arched right about know, but let me go on to explain because I hear the voice of someone saying the Bible also says,  “The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof.” (Psalm 24:1) It is…..everything belongs to God, but when he (God) kicked satan out of heaven, he fell down to the earth. (Isaiah 14:12-14) The scriptures also says that satan is the ruler of this World! It calls him the prince of the power of the air. (Ephesians 2:2)

That does not mean that he has power over God or the children of God….God is Sovereign (2 Corinthians 4:4) and because we serve God, satan only has the amount of earthly control that God has released to him for a season.

We are not of the world, but in it. We are strangers in this land traveling through. If we are not of the world but in it, does it not make since for the prince of the air to try and make life difficult,or  for us to have to fight for what God has for us. Listen my friend…..we know that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. but against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

It is common knowledge satan is the enemy of God, therefore he will make nothing easy for us the children of God except to use his devices to tempt us, Amen. The Kingdom of heaven suffers violence because your adversary is violently attacking the kingdom, but we know that we win in the end, so fight!! Put on your war clothes and go to WAR!! If God says he has given it to us, that settles it! 🙂

(c) V. Paschal 2017

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Well…. we had a great day.  🙂  Venturing off this morning to  the #Atlantacares Event for hurricane Harvey victims sure did give the feeling of true American spirit!  There was a diverse group of people in attendance all sharing the purpose of one goal……to help those hurting, to see that the victims of Harvey would at least get something decent to eat, and to let them know that we care, and feel their pain. Well….more than one, but anyway…lol!

The true face of America was present working side by side hand in hand. There were people who even came up from Florida in attendance, Tampa I believe. I am certain they have been here since the news of the storm a week ago. However they remained here in Georgia to help.

I must say the organizer’s did a PHENOMENAL JOB planning this event. Three snaps up and a KUDO’S for them! 🙂  Just in case you didn’t get that…that was my SHOUT OUT!!!  🙂 All the participates who donated the goods, Wal-Mart, Fema, and Chick-Fil-a, one of my favorite fast food places to eat by the way. Awesome! The goal is to prepare 1 million meals to send out to those affected by tomorrow night.

My family will probably go back down Sunday afternoon. I really enjoyed seeing all the people with Heart make the sacrifice…… Yep! Much love to my Fellow Atlantans. I now forgive you for all the days you have made my head and heart hurt while  driving beside you on the roads. LOl!!!!  🙂

I’m sorry but it’s true, bahahahahaha!!! Anyway, you do have a big heart Atlanta. I can truly say I was proud to be one of you today. In tough times we pull together, not a part. I know I said it once, but I will say it again, this is the true spirit of America…….WE ARE HEART!

We give…… we give of our time, energy and resources, we make a difference where we can, when we can, however we can! United We Stand against all odds, because we know that we can! Oh Yes We Can!!!  🙂  and we did today! We did it all in the spirit of love.

The spirit of love is unstoppable. That was the exchange I felt, heard, and was apart of. Love being passed to those who are in need. No one cared about the race or political party of the people who were getting those meals. Today we were not Democrat, Republican, or independent in spirit, today we were simply Americans.

I am glad that Ms, Irma did not come through Atlanta with the damage of her husband Harvey…..lol, I say that because they were jointed, but I feel the comfort of knowing that if she had, there would be people joining together in the spirit of love to share their resources to help us. Amen.  🙂

(c) V. Paschal 2017

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I don’t know today. :/  I am feeling some type of way as they say. :-}  I am not sure what’s behind the emotion yet, :\  Of course it could just be her.  LOl!  :0  Anyway, I have heard more stories from single women of a particularly age demographic than a few this week. :+

There are more women between the ages of 35 and 60 who are tired of the dating arena, and yes! Thirty five is a bit young, but even they are getting hit with the shortage selection in men.  One Lady said, “Maybe they are all in Jail!” I don’t know lady, but I do know they are not in ATLANTA! LOl!!  🙂

It appears that there are more women in this age demographic than there are men. And the women are talking about it.  Lol!  They are talking about it on the train, on social media, and in the grocery stores…..well sweetie….I don’t know what to tell you, except Ruth went gleaning. Lol! 🙂  She knew Boaz was gonna be in that field. She did not throw herself at him, but she made sure he saw her. 🙂

I know some of my sister’s are gonna say, “well the Bible says, “He that finds a wife” and I say….. O.K. You just keep sitting in the house waiting for God to send him to your doorstep. I’m not saying that he can’t, but after you open the door at twelve still in morning attire he might change his mind. Lol!! 🙂

So what am I telling you? I’m not suggesting you to go looking, we always want the plan of God for our lives. However, I am telling you to get it together! Do something! If you want a companion you can have a companion, but you first need to get off of the sofa, and prepare yourself to have one. The Bible also says, “it is better to marry than burn.” No. I’m no counselor…… just saying! Amen  🙂


(c) V. Paschal 2017



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I’m watching the news and I see that there are people who still don’t have power.  :+ I am certain Georgia Power along with other contracting companies are doing everything in their control to get people’s lights back on.

I know saying that does not give people who are still living without power any consolation. :\  It really is hard living.  I kinda thought about how our ancestors made it without such luxury, but then you can’t miss what you’ve never known.

We have all become so attached to this great technology that we can hardly bear to be without it any length of time. Most people would rather surf Facebook, or look at YouTube than have a decent conversation with their family.

I know. The sad society we have become. 😦  I’m still waiting for my internet connection to work.  :/ It has been down since Monday, I’ve been told due to interference with the communications tower, but I dare not complain when people are still living without electricity! There are other things of more importance.

My phone is holding up pretty good though. Go Metro Pcs….Lol! 🙂 No fancy Verizon here! 🙂 My communication via cell phone has been perfectly fine. I ‘m just glad that Irma did not come through here a disrupt my wireless connection I have with the Father.  🙂

I was able to speak with him anytime I felt like it,  night or day during the storm, and you know what…..I have a feeling I was not alone. Don’t just wait until the storms of life to have a little talk with him. He is always listening, and guess what, the only tower he needs is the one you build up to the heavens in prayer. 🙂 Stay Connected! Amen

(c) V.Paschal



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The State of Georgia is booming with building projects. Everywhere you turn new housing communities are going up! Long stretch from 2008 when the market crashed!

Anyway, I can’t imagine the amount of time architectural firms are putting into drawing up blueprints, let alone the amount of stress builders feel when taking them to get passed.

My mind goes back to when I opened my art studio a few years ago. You see…. you just don’t rent a building and open up for business! You have to pass health and safety codes, building codes, and so forth.

However, if all is well you can go ahead and get your business license. Yay! To me it’s pay to play . By the time you get finished paying to open a business you’re literally broke from all the requisitions. But when God gives you an assignment he gives you the blueprints as well and they are free.

You will find in the scriptures that everywhere God ever told his people to do anything, he also gave them a blueprint, to include the size, shape, color, height, and weight. He left no uncertainties, and it should be no different for you my friend. Follow the instructions.

If God has given you an assignment the blueprint should accompany it. Are you following the plan. If not….you have your reasons for why it’s not moving. Take another look over the plan he has given you. Be sure you are carefully reading the details.

Many times we want to take shortcuts, but there are no shortcuts to the plan of God. His plan is timed perfectly. So if you feel that God has given you an assignment, look for the blueprints too. They should come with the package. 😊 Amen.
Ask God to open your eyes….the blueprint is there!👀

(C) V. Paschal 2017

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Hey Y’all-
While sitting here waiting for my power to come back on, I just thought I would write down a few reasons to be grateful. Well…here goes…. I’m grateful I got to sleep in my own bed last night 🌃. There is nothing like the comfort of sleeping in your own bed. I’m grateful because all of my family and friends are safe and well, I’m grateful to have food even though it will probably spoil in the next few hours if Georgia Power don’t get here, I grateful for the roof maintained over my head, Irma did not take it away, Thank you Lord, I’m grateful for transportation so I can ride up to racetrack on Larwrenceville highway and get a cappuccino since I can’t make coffee at home 😍 I’m grateful that my phone is still working so that I can get this blog post out this morning, lol! I’m grateful that I can still smile although I feel like screaming because my sanity is being crushed because of limited technology exposure, need to break from these gadgets more often…..☺ Yes! My greatest reason of greatfulness….he said Veronica get up, and I rose 🌹 So….you may have many reasons to complain, just don’t! I guarantee that there are people who wish they were only without power this morning. 😍 No Irma! You did not take my JOY!!
(C) V. Paschal 2017
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So I’m up this morning thinking about how some people can appear to be mentally and emotionally stable in appearance , but their inner self is completely broken. I guess you have figured by now that I am still disturbed from my encounter the other night.

I know we all experience disappointments, and we each have our way of dealing with the cards we’re dealt or the choices we make, but I guess I am just a little shocked myself at the revelation of some one laughing and talking  one minute and in the next minute confessing that they do not want to live anymore.

I guess living outside the plan of God puts us all in a vulnerable position. So many people are suffering silently, desperately seeking a voice by which they can release their pain. Hoping to find peace in just letting go.  Well….that peace is in God, and the voice is the sound you make when you cry out to him for help in prayer.  Get Help! Amen

(c) V. Paschal 2017

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