Void Spaces

I was reading The book of Genesis-Chapter One, how God spoke into emptiness, and all things came to be. He created the light, and told the sun to guide by day, and the moon to guide by night; he spoke into darkness, and separated the waters. He created the dry places and called them lands. He then spoke, and the vegetation filled the soil of the earth, and God saw that it was good”. Even the elements answered to the call of God, and so it is with man. God is calling to the void spaces in our lives, to the emptiness. He’s wanting to fill us with good things, but are we willing to answer? God sees the good in us. He wants to call those gifts that are dead, void, and without form into existence.

If we are children of the living God, we should be hearing his voice, for he has said, “My sheep know my voice.”, but are we listening?. Whatsoever God puts into your heart to do…do it. Whatsoever gift he has given you… use it! If we will regain a sincere passion for mankind, a passion for the work of God, I believe we will began to see the miracles of God….and the blessings too.



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I have always enjoyed watching people. I like observing their mannerisms when they think no one is looking. Lol! Well, in the days of my youth I liked watching people jog. Believe it or not jogging was popular once upon a time.

Everybody….and I mean everybody was jogging. You could hardly drive down a road without seeing someone on the sidelines running. Well….one day I was watching this couple jogging down the road and they seemed to make it look so effortless., so me being the person that I am decided that I would take on a few roads myself.

I got up the next morning, dressed, put on a pair of sneakers and out the door I went. I started with a slow trot and everything was just fine while I was going downstream, but as I came to a small hill I begin to slow to the point of a STOP!

That’s right folks, I had only made about two blocks! Blahahahahahaha!!  It felt like I had been running a least thirty minutes… 🙂 but obviously only a few minutes had ticked pass on my watch.

I thought to myself, but how are these people running four, five, six miles a day? I took a deep breath, looked back and I could still see the front door of my house, so I turned and went back home. Lol!!!!! 🙂 However, I did not give up on my new adventure.

The next day I tried again and this time I made it just over the hill. I continued to work on my breathing, setting the right pace for myself, as well as planning a more strategic route to help me accomplish my goal, and guess what…..within a couple months I was running about three miles a day.

That has been some time ago. But my point is what appears to be easy isn’t always so simple. You see…..I wasn’t quite ready for that three mile run. I needed training, preparation. Likewise, in this walk there are hills, valleys and even MOUNTAINS to climb, but you’ve got to keep on running, planning, pacing, and breathing. Don’t strike off to fast, be sure you have the proper equipment because you will surely need it! 🙂

(Ephesians 6:11)KJV
(Hebrews 12:1)KJV


(c) V. Paschal 2017

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There is nothing like awakening to a nice morning breeze. I have always been a morning person. I like to rise up early and get going while things are still and quiet, much before the busyness of the day begins.

The morning was so still that I could hear myself thinking. It was like a moment of peace calling from heaven. I sat up on my bed, lifted my hands and begin to thank God for another day. 🙂

I promise you in the still quietness of morning I heard him reply, “You’re Welcome” I know God appreciates when we approach him with a grateful heart, accepting what it is,  when it is, for whatever it maybe.

However….. also knowing that change is inevitable and nothing stays the same. To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1) So whether or not we deem the season in our lives good or challenging, it pays to serve with gratefulness of mind, body and spirit. There are lessons in every season. If we learn the lessons, we can master the path. 🙂


God Bless

(c) V. Paschal 2017

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So….I went to purchase my bike today, now I just have to ride it. Lol!! I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I am feeling so good right now. The last time my heart felt this joyful I had fallen in love for the first time.

It’s almost like I have reached some kind of pinnacle in my life. I hope to stay right here. I really believe that when you come to a point that you allow yourself to be free from the thoughts of others and just be you, that you are free.

Until you reach that point you are a slave to approval. In this life I have learned that it is most important to be true to thine self. Find yourself and fall in love with that person. One must first discover and accept self to be received by others.

I could not have imagined that all the lessons we learn in life points right back to the man in the mirror. It’s more about how we manage the learning process. LOl!!! That’s deep. Yes. Life brings you full circle and in the end you still have to face self. Our lessons constantly prepares us for what comes next, and while I am not sure of what’s in the next box, I hope it leaves me feeling as beautiful as what I feel right now at this moment. 🙂 Life is made of moments, so why not live them…… 🙂 Anticipation Awaits……






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Hey Y’all-

I had a blast at church today. The spirit of God really moved in a special way. However there is something I would like to get out of my spirit. I believe this post is bread from heaven. Jesus in his ministry laid hands on the sick, took authority over demonic spirits, and fed the flock both spiritual and natural bread.

So my question is….why is it in most churches people are just passing out a program of joy, and happiness? Don’t get me wrong, there are many passages on Joy in the scriptures, but there are  also a mass of scriptures on the works of Jesus in deliverance, and frankly speaking…….everybody ain’t Happy! :I.

There are people who come to church with spiritual strongholds. They are broken, spiritually depleted, physically ill, emotionally exhausted, and  financially bound. They are wounded and have strongholds in their lives, and we are saying to these people, just be happy. NO! Creating an environment for a false sense of happiness is not how breakthroughs happen and strongholds are broken. (Isaiah 58:6) There is a process to healing.

I am not suggesting that you rent a sofa for psychiatric counseling, but at least give them a road map. I believe people just don’t want accountability.  Your testimony is not about living in your past, but rather helping someone else who is experiencing the pain of your past.

Telling your story is to tell someone how you got over your pain onto the side of  VICTORY. STOP TELLING PEOPLE TO JUST BE HAPPY, and give them a road map to happiness. Tell somebody your raggedy story so that they will see an example of what God can do,. how he delivered you. If you have a relationship with God, you know that his works are mighty, but there are many who don’t. That’s why it is important to be transparent so that God will get the Glory. Amen. 🙂

(c) V. Paschal 2017

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So today my heart has been smiling. Actually it’s been smiling quite some time, but not because I don’t have stuff. You know the kind, family, children, work, and other miscellaneous life moments. 🙂

I have lots of that! 🙂 Haha….but I am still HAPPY. It’s kinda strange to explain, but I got that joy unspeakable kinda of joy. The kind that keeps you smiling even though you have the life STUFF. The kind of joy that flows like a river, a continuous stream of joy that’s connecting to all my life stuff, and making it seem meaningless.

The kinda Joy that gives acknowledgment to God being in it! So in that case it must be, it has to be, I am most certain that it is…..The Joy Of The LORD!!! AFTER ALL THAT I’VE BEEN THROUGH……I STILL HAVE JOY!! 🙂

God Bless

(c) V.Paschal


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Hey Y’all-

Well I made another one. Another year that is. You see it’s my Birthday, and let’s just say I’m …..well…… I’m blah blah and feeling FABULOUS!! :0 It’s a wonderful age group to be in. At this point you give up caring what people think about you….lol! You really speak your mind, and if you are single , you’ve come to understand that doing things on your own is not so bad.

I am not certain of how I will spend this wonderful extra day God has given me, but I am certain that it will include love ones and food LOl!!! 🙂 If you haven’t figured it out by now, yes! I am a foodie. I am sure I will also buy something nice for myself, like that bike I have been talking about for two years. 🙂  God knows I need the exercise. Blahahaha, And…..well….as for the night who knows.

I can not tell a lie. I really love the the person I have become. The shy introvert I use to be is long GONE! I am glad to get rid of her! However I won’t even begin to talk about the She I have gained! I don’t like her either, but anyhow.  I don’t meet any strangers and I’m not a shame of of my pass. You see….. I have learned that everyone has one.

A pass that is, and regardless of the trespasses one has committed, you can be free from the shadows that would like to keep you trapped and steal your joy! Thank you JESUS!!! So as I celebrate this extra day, I will also celebrate the freedoms I have to be me and the person I have become!! Free to be FABULOUS 🙂 Love Y’all!!


(c) V. Paschal


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(Genesis 31:3) And the Lord said unto Jacob, return into the land of your fathers, and to your kindred, and I will be with you. If you know the story of Esau and Jacob you will understand the fear Jacob had when God told him to return unto his father’s house. Jacob may have doubted God, but he was obedient nonetheless.

There are times when God will ask us to do things that are for our good that we do not understand. In these times it pays to be obedient and lean not to our own understanding. Surely God has a plan that will bless us, to bring us to a place of peace or elevation. God will not always reveal the script of his plans for us and if he doesn’t we know he is building our faith.

I cannot imagine how Jacob must have felt when God told him to return to the house of his father knowing that he had stolen his brother Esau’s birthright, who had threaten to kill him because of it. Jacob was afraid, so afraid that he prayed and sought the Lord to remind him of his promise to him.

As I read the passage I hear the question of God are you sure? Nevertheless in all of his fear he was obedient to the voice of God. As we walk with God our faith will encounter some of the same obstacles. There are times when God will ask us to do things and we may be stagnant because it’s not comfortable, but in it lies our growth, or blessing.

Be like Jacob…..pray and ask God for grace to help you do what he is asking of you.  Ask him to apply mercy as you seek to do his will along the way. If you read the story of Jacobs return you will find that God had already taken away Esau’s anger, “and Esau ran to meet him, and embrace him, and fell on his neck, and kissed him and they wept.” Genesis 33:3.

Therefore, if God is asking something of you he has already worked in your favor even though you may not see the finished script, be willing to follow through. Do not let fear keep you from following the path that God has set before you. Make yourself available to it. Amen! (Isaiah 41:10)


(c) V. Paschal 2017





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When my children were smaller I enjoyed taking them to play in the park. Piedmont Park in Atlanta was our favorite place to visit. I enjoyed the inner city environment, the restaurants, the arts and entertainment, and the smooth winding walking trails, as well as huge open fields. The playground area was nice too. 🙂

I can remember when we would get to the children’s play area how they would charge towards the equipment. “No! Wait!”,  I would shout in an attempt to get them to slow down until I could get closer. As soon as I got within reach they would begin to climb up to the top of the slide and come down right into my hands as I stood there at the bottom waiting from them.

It was so fun watching them gain confidence with each step they made while learning to master the equipment. As they grew older, I would sit and watch them from a distance because it allowed them the freedom they needed to play on their own.

As I was reflecting on their childhood I begin to think that this is much how God is watching us. As his children his eyes are always upon us. He is always watching. He knows when we need help and he is there as a father waiting for us to slide right into his arms. He wants to protect us from all the hurts we can potentially encounter.

So never think that God is far away from you or that he has forgotten you. You may have to take a few steps, but he is within your reach. He’s Watching…..He’s Watching us all 🙂

(Isaiah 4:16) (Psalm 34:15) (Proverbs 5:21)


(c) V. Paschal 2017

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It’s great to be in love when you’re in love, but on your way to your love connection you have to date. When we are dating we put our best foot forward most of the time because we want to impress our new possible mate.

It’s amazing how we are so eagerly willing to go the extra mile just to impress that special someone. Well friend….I’ve got news for you. You don’t have to impress God. God died for you. (Matthew 27: 45-54)  He loves you where you are, and there is nothing you can possibly do to earn his love.

You don’t have to put on that special dress, or wear that special suit. Many times we feel that we have to impress God. We think that if we do the right deed, or speak just the right words that God will be impressed. Well he’s not! The only way God wants us to return his love for us is by loving others., and staying true to his word. (John 14:15-31)

God knows who we are. He knows our hearts intentions, good and bad. It is because of him that we do anything that seems good in the eyes of man, not we ourselves. Our nature is sinful and there is nothing good that comes from it. (Ecclesiastes 7:20).

There are so many people who think that they can do this life on their own, and that is a lie straight from the enemy. You maybe doing fine on your own, but it is God who should get the Glory. He is the one that gives favor to man. I’m not speaking in the natural, because all those things shall pass away. (Matthew 24-35).

I count myself as favored to be chosen by God, called for his purpose, to work in his vineyard. (Timothy 1:9). We are always desiring better in our natural lives, however the true blessing is what we acquire afterwards. (Matthew 13: 44-46) God is Good! 🙂 Amen. So friend if you are seeking for someone who will love you just the way you are, for who you are, He is your perfect connection 🙂

God Bless!

(c) V. Paschal 2017


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He amazes me, man does- with all his accomplishment he has not mastered the one that matters most. He has given name to every creature, mastered climbing the tallest mountain, survived raging seas, soared the skies, toured the ocean deep, traveled into outer space, mastered science, and with all this……..his greed will not allow him to live in harmony with his fellow man. Hmmmmmmmm??? What a SHAME! VAIN! VAIN! VAIN! Brother Solomon….

(c) V. Paschal 2017



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