Starting A Greeting Card Bussiness

Starting a bussiness is challenging, but there are many pros to owning a bussiness. Being your own boss, setting your own hours, and being the sole manager of all your increase are just a few perks that come with the turf. I have always wanted to be in the bussiness of greeting cards. My reasons for being attracted to this craft are , I enjoy writing, painting, and touching the hearts of people in a way that recieving a good greeting card can only do. However, the marketing has always kept me at bay as I have never been a good sales person.       Although I have discovered that marketing is not my best talent, I have decided to take the challenge anyway. Recently, why doing a bit of research I came across a website called Some of you may already know of this website, and may have already established a client base. However if you have not made contact with this resource I would like to share it with you. provides a client base for artist and card developers to sell their product. This website is filled with buyers from around the world seeking card developers, and yes the basic membership is free. If you would like the premium membership it will cost you a little over 500.00 anually. I know my fellow peer’s, that may appear to be a bit expensive, but think of the client base you will establish, and the money you will make…possibly. Anyway just FYI


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