Today I would like to talk more about when God calls you to minister to children. That’s right! Somebody has got to do it. Not everyone has the tolerance, nor the knowledge it takes to engage children. It takes a special kind of person, one who possess patience, compassion, versatility, as well as  wit.

We know that children are a blessing from God to us and in the kingdom. Jesus said,  “unless we change and become as little children we shall in no way inherit the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:2-6).  It is also written that we despise not one of these little ones for their angels in heaven always see the face of the father. (Matthew 18;10). There are many scriptures about the love God has for children. Some come with warnings and others with consequences. Now wouldn’t you say It pays to know the importance of a Children’s Ministry in the church?

That brings me to my next point. What is the purpose of a children’s ministry? Well we hear all the time that children are our future. I believe that our future is worth the investment. Therefore, it is worth the development of a strong children’s department whose focus is to teach children the love of God, and how to maintain a relationship with him.

This is not the soul obligation of the church. Children first learn about love by what they see in their home environment. Again, as first teachers we must show them love, patience, and tolerance, and then adopt these same rules as we give them guidance abroad. We all know that sometimes the relationships with children and youth counselors can be stronger than family ties. That’s why it is important to pray about children and youth ministers. These people must meet special standards as they are influencing our most precious possessions, as well as our future. We must share the same purpose biblically and spiritually.

If the right people are involved we can plan for successful activities as we see these little souls converted to mature individuals who love God, while inviting others to become a part of  community and church. This department has a huge base in community. It can be a great source of church growth. The ideas are plentiful with a little dedication and vision. Here are a few ideas in outreach for this department…..,

I. Mommies Morning out-

2. Couples evening out-

3. Children’s Luncheon-

4. Free Story Hour-

5 Children’s Family Picnic

6. Little League Sports

7. Children’s Art Classes

8. Free Tutoring for kids

9. Children’s Community Fun Day

10. Meet my Family Day

God Bless….Amen!

VPM (c) 2017

About The Voice

Veronica is an Author, Artist, Social Media Evangelist, and Educator of children. Her love and passion for teaching has allowed her the opportunity to work with children from all walks of life. Veronica is also active in serving her community having served the women of "My Sister's House", in Atlanta. She is an Inspirational Blogger and Speaker. Thank you for your visit! For more about Veronica click links below, follow on The voice@veronicamot
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  1. Carolyn Denise Williams says:

    Thats so true about Children Are a Blessing


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