Do you know that you were given a specific job to do here on earth by God himself? He created you for a special purpose, and for that purpose he gifted you ? We spend our lives searching , trying to discover our reason for being, when if we would only look inside and pay attention to our God gifted talent we would surely understand our purpose. Each of us are born gifted. I would like to make reference to Matthew 25: 14-29. By now I gather that you know this as the parable about the Talents (gifts).

God is expecting us to use whatever gift he has given us for his kingdom, and how about he’s expecting interest on them too. In other words if we are developing our gift it is supposed to expand and create other opportunities. Isn’t that amazing how that works? I have always been impressed with people who have what is called the gift of Gab, meaning…..well, I should probably use another term, but it means these people are fast talker’s, and gifted in convincing you on their point of view, such as people in sales. I have never understood how someone can get someone else to purchase a product they don’t even want. That is absolutely amazing to me. These people are of great influence, and would more than likely be great at witnessing. I am not saying that the Word of God should be presented as a scam. I am speaking more of ones skill set, all things done decently and in order, Amen.

Some of you may have chosen another profession or occupation in life, and you are probably prospering in that profession, but you are miserable. If you are miserable it is guaranteed that this is not your God gift. Your God given talents will give you drive, passion. You will wake up to greet it gladly each morning prepared to seek new avenues for growth, and opportunity. Sometimes the pay is less, but the joy you get from doing something you are passionate about is unspeakable. If I may I would encourage you to tune into the talent that God has naturally given you, develop it, channel it in a good path. He says, “I know the plans I have for you are to proper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ( Jeremiah 29: 11) NIV. God created us in completeness with every provision intact that we need for survival. Your God gifted talent was given to you for that purpose. It is your reason for being on the planet. It is how you will reach out to others connecting them to the kingdom of God. God Bless….

VPM (c) 2017

About The Voice

Veronica is an Author, Artist, Social Media Evangelist, and Educator of children. Her love and passion for teaching has allowed her the opportunity to work with children from all walks of life. Veronica is also active in serving her community having served the women of "My Sister's House", in Atlanta. She is an Inspirational Blogger and Speaker. Thank you for your visit! For more about Veronica click links below, follow on The voice@veronicamot
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