In the book of  (1.Samuel Chapter 12), Samuel the Prophet is addressing the Israelites reminding them of how he has served them with integrity, and  of all the good and the miracles that they have witnessed by the Lord their God. He reminds them of how God had been merciful to them when they cried unto him in their rebellion and delivered them from Egypt, as well as the hand of the Philistines, the Midianites, and the children of Ammon.

Nonetheless, in their rebellion Israel had rejected the Lord their God and desired a King. Samuel proceeds further to tell them that even though they had rejected God that he would not cease to pray for them and their chosen King, but if they should turn away from fearing (following) the Lord and do wickedly, that he (God) would devour them and the King they had asked for. And so Saul became King (1. Samuel 11:15), but Saul feared the people and failed to obey the voice of God. (1 Samuel 13:13) and God was angry.

I’d like to ask who are we  listening to, God or man? It is the will of God that we serve him and him only. No matter how difficult the delivery we must obey. We are living in a time where the Word of God must be spoken, and we must speak it. It is the only measure by which man can be delivered, or saved. Yes. It is sometimes difficult to repeat those things that God whispers into our ears, and wisdom is desired, but must we disobey or falter because we fear people? NO! God is calling his people to take a stand in this hour. He would not have us to fear what people would think of us, or regard their disapproval of us. We are not to take is Glory away from him by having people look to us rather than to him by not speaking his Word Boldly. Fear will always cause us to question God. It will make us anxious causing us to choose a wrong path, or make a speedy decision like Samuel. It speaks to the point of us wanting to please people rather than God

This was Saul’s failure to God, and Gods’ example to us proving that when God speaks to us he expects us to obey. As we know Saul lost his Crown and his Kingdom because he made the decision to regard man more than God himself, and while we may not lose whatever Kingdoms we serve here on earth, we stand the chance of losing the Kingdom of heaven for which we so diligently seek and hope to gain. (Revelations 3:11) ” Behold, I am coming quickly: hold firmly to that which you have, so that no man take your crown” (WEB). Now here we know that John is not speaking of an earthly crown, but a crown of righteousness received once we have won the VICTORY here on earth. If you plan on keeping your crown and your portion of the Kingdom, it would prosper you to listen “When God Speaks.”

Veronica Paschal Moton (c) 2017

About The Voice

Veronica is an Author, Artist, Social Media Evangelist, and Educator of children. Her love and passion for teaching has allowed her the opportunity to work with children from all walks of life. Veronica is also active in serving her community having served the women of "My Sister's House", in Atlanta. She is an Inspirational Blogger and Speaker. Thank you for your visit! For more about Veronica click links below, follow on The voice@veronicamot
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