I have been busy lately. My life chores have had me unable to do any writing. I been spending a little time with family and revamping a few ideas. There are times when you just have to get away and enjoy your surroundings.

While I was away I met a few interesting people, some I had a few minutes to write about, others not. However I have found lately that people are so eager to talk about themselves. I find that difficult to believe though with all the texting we do nowadays.

It seems that you can barely get a decent conversation over the phone anymore. It’s sad. However,  Seniors have so much to talk about.  Maybe it because they don’t have the opportunities to do it with family members.

I always take the time to listen to them, feeling that they are just lonely and need a few minutes with a companion or a friendly listener.  Yep they just walk right up to me and share their stories.

While some just wanted to share experiences of how they survived illnesses, Some of them had some very interesting stories about their lives. I felt honored that they wanted to share their stories with me. Hmmmmm?? Take time. Make time…….


God Bless

(c) VPaschal 2017

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