I love music. Gospel happens to be my favorite genre. I love the inspirational lyrics, as well as the deep spiritual roots it has in the African-American community. However, I have listened to all types, and actually found classical music to be enjoyable as well. I happen to own quite a bit of it too, but don’t ask me if it’s Beethoven number 9 or whether it’s played in E-flat, I just listen and enjoy…Lol!

Whenever I listen to classical music I am amazed at how clearly you can hear each instrument, absolutely impeccable. My favorite instrument use to be the classical guitar, but I have come to adore the violin, beautiful when skillfully played.

Did you know that  we play a symphony to God when we pray? I can imagine that each of our voices sound differently to God in the same way the diverse instruments of an orchestra sounds. We each have our own tones, and when we pray together how beautiful each of our instruments must sound.

I imagine God hears us each as individual songs. Glory! Your call to him sounds like no one. It is authentic and stands on its own. He understands us because each of our moans and groans are distinctly different.

Therefore when we are calling him as a unit he can respond individually to us meeting our separate needs. Can you imagine that all over the world when brothers and sisters are praying God hears each one individually and responds according to his will for our lives.

So when we get an answer from God we should be so thrilled to know that answered was specifically designed just for us……amazing right! That’s the amazing and sovereign God we serve. Just thinking….that’s all. I know…but I do enjoy it.

God Bless

c) VPaschal 2017





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