Hey Y’all-

So I got up feeling excited this morning. I was ready to go get my praise on when it happened. I went into the closet, chose a dress for church service and prepared myself to get dressed.

Then guess what?? What I chose was to little, so back into the closet I went to make another selection and the same thing. I tried on four dresses before I got to one that fit…LOl!! And as you know I was not happy.

It seems as fast I purchase new items, they become to small! :/ No! Don’t tell me to stop eating, the weight gain is not coming from that. It’s coming from….well…you know……Yes!! That’s right ladies.

She is the culprit, and I don’t like her!! I don’t like her at all!! I STILL GOT THE VICTORY Though!! šŸ™‚


(c) V. PASCHAL 2017

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