So my Grandson loves sports. If I might call his favorite it would be football. He enjoys talking sports with his dad, or most anyone for that fact. He knows his players too.  Now it’s time for him to start-up with the summer practices in preparation for the season. So I guess I had better get my prep talks ready for when he loses, you see he is very competitive.

He absolutely hates to loose! There is nothing he dislikes more. I try to prepare him for each game by simply saying, ” play your best. It’s not all about the win!” I always tell him that there will be times when the other team will play a better game, and that it is OK to learn from the experience. It’s GAME ON!

That’s how it is with us. If you have experienced loss, just know that loss is not always about what we are doing, but what God is trying to do, and where he is trying to take us. Sometimes we can be on the right field, but in the wrong position. Winning entails so many components, like….proper planning, problem solving,team building,  critical thinking and most of all knowing your opponent, and sometimes the loss is all about the test.

Many times we ask God for opportunities we think we are ready for and he allows us to have them to show us what it takes to sustain them. Most times we find out in those experiences that we are not quite ready.

Example., maybe we are not committed to the years it will take to build a business or a ministry, or maybe God will grant the opportunity because there are character flaws he’s pruning, or character that he wishes to build. Either way win or lose there is something to learn if you will pay attention.

Remember….brother Job lost everything, and God restored him double. Sometimes the loss is about standing in integrity and trusting God with your finish….He is on our TEAM!

God Bless

(c) V. Paschal

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