When God wants you to do something it is never about you or the people in your immediate circle. He’s Greater than that or any present connection surrounding you. If you will push past all the negativity in your ear you will begin to see much clearly. Writing the vision is easy, but bringing it to fruition is much like childbirth.

If you will continue to push, and stay consistent with your work, passionately pursuing what God has put in your hands you will be fine. Keeping the fire alive will be the challenge. I believe that’s why it is important to develop your God Given Gift. It is your purpose. The reason why you were put on this earth. The fire is already dormant waiting to be challenged, discovered.

Some people understand their gift at an early age. Some discover it later in life, but once you find it, don’t let anything, or any one keep you bound to position or a life you are not destined to live. When God moves we must move with him. (John5:4) Sometimes your friends don’t hear what you hear.

Your family may not even hear God calling you up and out to another place. (Genesis 12:1-8), but if he is calling you, you must follow, don’t make him wait. God wants to use you,  bless you through whatever plans he has for you. Follow him, let him lead.

All he’s asking is that you use your hands, your feet, your voice, your time. You can do at least one of those.

I started this blog last year 2016 top of the year. I posted about four times, got 47 views and stopped because I could not find the time to keep it consistent. Well I started back in April of this year, I have been consistent posting a least once a day and I have been shocked at the response in four months.

I have made a little over a 100 post, have had over 800 views, 600 visits. I say that humbly. This blog is not about me or my experiences, but the people who God allows to read it each day. PRAISE GOD!! One is worth A THOUSAND POST! 🙂


(c) V. Paschal



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