I’m pretty much a loner, but I really do enjoy people. Does that make sense? Other than my relationship with God family is the next dearest matter to my heart. I absolutely adore my parent’s.

As a teen I didn’t always understand them, but boy….. when I say after I had my own children everything fell right in place. I understood all of their reasoning., and certainly appreciated them for it! 🙂

When my dad was here I would spend Saturdays with them, but now I try to plan Friday dates with mom. She is absolutely hilarious. We went to lunch and to see the emoji movie.

She knows nothing of emoji’s, but she did catch the storyline 🙂 🙂 :). Lord willing, I can hardly wait until next week for our next adventure! I really had a Great DAY! (Exodus 20:12)  🙂 Come Join Us! She would not mind a bit, she has children everywhere.


(c) V.Paschal

PS….It’s O.k….You still laugh the same, Love with a big heart, and have given me the best happiness that you possibly could in all the ways that you possibly could, and I love you for it, Mom! 🙂

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