Parents know there children. They observe them as babes all the way up until they leave their home. So they know their personality. They generally know if their child will participate in  certain activities, are if they have done something displeasing just by looking at them.

This is much in the same way God knows us, but he knows us better because he formed us. (Jeremiah 1:5) Nothing is hid from him. God wants us to be transparent. In doing so we help other’s by leaving a living testament to the truth of his word.

Transparency is necessary if you are going to be true to who you are. Oftentimes we like to hide in the shadows of who we want people to believe that we have become. There may be some truth to who you are, but what’s on the inside?

You have clothed yourself in the darkness that has become your chamber of deceit. You have locked yourself in and thrown away the key, yet you scream for help from within. Arise and take off your mask.

There is no need to hide anymore. Open the door and let the light in, let it shine into the smallest of corners, from the window of ones heart to the door of ones soul.(Matthew 7:7) Let the light shine. God wants to deliver you.

He wants to set you free. He wants to peel back all the hurt, heal you and remove your misery, but you have to open the door, and Take off your MASK.

(c) V.Paschal 2017

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