Your life can change in an instance, and when change happens it’s not always easy, or even adaptable. But yes…. you can be forced to adapt to change if you don’t move when it tells you to.

You’ve seen the writing on the wall , however your heart tells you to stay the course, even though you hear the alarm bells ringing in your head. I know it’s difficult to make the choice to pursue something different. That job you lost is not always your co-workers or company working against you. Sometimes it’s God pushing you down a better path.

We spend most of our lives dreaming of the person we want to become, and not fulfilling the call or responsibility it takes to become that person. Why? Because we have to change and complacence feels just fine.

Well friend God has more for you. He wants you to step out on the water. He wants you to broaden your view. He wants you to get ready for Bigger! (Isaiah 54:2) He wants you to open the window so he can rain down manna! (Malachi 3:10) Don’t fear the change or the process, Jump! Don’t wait until he pushes you….Let Go! Let God!

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