Everybody wants to be Barbie, but I remember back in the day when they sold Raggedy Ann Dolls. She was every young girls desire. She looked much like her name. She was Raggedy. She had red matted hair, big round eyes, she was soft, and her clothes were very simple, not high fashion like Barbie.

If I would recall something attractive about her it would be her big round button eyes and warm engaging smile…..O.k…..the prison stripped red stockings she wore were cute too! Lol! 🙂 Anyway, my point is you don’t see many Raggedy Ann dolls around anymore. People have forgotten about her as she sits on antique store shelves anxious for one last reprisal on Barbie for taking her down., making her a memory of yesterdays past.

Well….here is one for you Ann, I use to be you before God came into my life. I was Raggedy and did not have much to boast about either. (Psalm 34:2) Oh….but how his amazing grace found me, changed me and made me his own. I was like the woman at the well when he came and told me everything about myself that was raggedy.(4:1-30)

That was many years and tears ago, and guess what? I still have Raggedy parts I’m working on. You see…..this journey is a continuation, nothing about it ends. There is always better. It’s much like when you learn a skill, it takes practice, but you can always be better at it. So anytime I want to see Raggedy Ann, I take a good look in the mirror, and you should too. Then go tell somebody your RAGGEDY story! 🙂 Everything about us that is righteous is as filthy rags in his presence (Isaiah 64:6) LAWD!!

God Bless

(c) V.Paschal 2017


About The Voice

Veronica is an Author, Artist, Social Media Evangelist, and Educator of children. Her love and passion for teaching has allowed her the opportunity to work with children from all walks of life. Veronica is also active in serving her community having served the women of "My Sister's House", in Atlanta. She is an Inspirational Blogger and Speaker. Thank you for your visit! For more about Veronica click links below, follow on The voice@veronicamot
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