So Yesterday we were downtown at the Georgia World Congress Center assisting with the Atlantacares Event to help people in the Texas and Florida communities affected by Hurricane Harvey receive meals for their families. Well, I would like to share another community that was hit hard. It is well-known for its luxurious vacation location,  beautiful landscapes, and glorious ocean views. If you guessed by now I am talking about the beautiful United States Virgin Islands, your RIGHT!  😦  Oh….and Yes! I did say United States.

The USVI was hit hard, its beautiful landscapes were turned into mounds of devastation. Many of us watched from the comfort of our homes as Harvey ripped through the islands we love to visit St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John,  leaving behind a mass of destruction. And folks….I must tell you the truth, I was only without lights two days and absolutely felt like I was stranded on a deserted island, so I can not imagine actually being stranded without water, food or shelter for possibly weeks.

I do not know if  Fema, Red Cross or any other organization has made contact or even began any shipping to the island, but I do know the people there need your Help,  🙂  in fact because they are uncertain many of them have begun to organize themselves to assist each other. True Brotherhood and love for their home.

I do not live in the USVI, and someone may be asking the question of what do you care?Well……here is my answer,I care because I could have been living in the Virgin Island and that could have been me and my family, I care because they are human lives hanging in the balance right now, many of them children…..

I care because these are also my bother’s and sister’s in need of help, I care because we are our brother’s keeper, I care because caring is what I do, I care because I recently met people from this community who have family and friends who still live there, I care because I have a heart inspired by the love of God……

I care because it’s the right thing to do, I care because caring for me isn’t an option, so now….there you have it, all the reasons why I care and you should too. Amen.  🙂 If you would like to help, Please watch the video below. There are several options on ways to give!

God Bless

About The Voice

Veronica is an Author, Artist, Social Media Evangelist, and Educator of children. Her love and passion for teaching has allowed her the opportunity to work with children from all walks of life. Veronica is also active in serving her community having served the women of "My Sister's House", in Atlanta. She is an Inspirational Blogger and Speaker. Thank you for your visit! For more about Veronica click links below, follow on The voice@veronicamot
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