My name is Veronica Moton. I am a Mother, Teacher, Evangelist/Speaker, Artist. I love to write, and hope that through my writing people are encouraged, motivated, inspired. I came to begin this writing journey through an illness in 2008. During that year on my birthday I was diagnosed with Cancer. This was a double tragedy to me because in march of 2008 I also found out that my father had terminal Cancer. I did not understand my journey at the time. However, God has shown me that the experiences we have are not about us, but about others. They are to give hope to others who may be living the same experience, or traveling the same road. Henceforth, the reason for my writing. My hope is to share with you in hope that you will find, WORDS OF INSPIRATION.

Thank you for visiting my page…..
Veronica Paschal Moton

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  1. Equipping says:

    My sister, your words bless me deeply. Please know that my prayers surround you, and accompany the Spirit of Christ who infills you. Please keep up your good work. I pray for the rich blessings upon you that will be made manifest in your total life, through Christ, our Lord and Savior.

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